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PC Cheats - KotOR PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Old Republic   
Friday, 20 January 2006
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PC Cheats - KotOR
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Page 1: Cheat Codes | Code Result | Clothing
Page 2: Melee Weapons| Blasters | Explosives
Page 3: Medical and Gear | Pazaak Decks | Credits | Miscellaneous Items | Droids
Page 4: Security Codes

*Besides the cheats listed here a save game editor is also available in our Tools and Utilities download section.

Here are PC cheat codes, hints, and secrets for video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (also known as SWKotOR and KotOR).

To enable cheats you must first edit a game file called "swkotor.ini." This file can be found in your Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game directory. Before you begin save a copy of the file just in case you make a mistake. Now to enable the cheats open the "swkotor.ini" file with a text editor like Notepad. Do not use WordPad or Mircosoft Word, because these applications tend to place extra codes into the document. Once the file is open look for [Game Options] and add this line below it EnableCheats=1 and save. The cheats should now be enabled.

To view the cheats list while in the game press the [~] key and while holding it down press the [Tab] key. A cheats list will now appear on the left side of your screen.

To use the cheats press the [~] key then type the code you want and press the [Enter] key.
Example: revealmap

Note that where ever you see [number] in the cheat codes listed below, press the [Space Bar] key after you type the code and type any number from 10 to 999 and press the [Enter] key.
Example: setawareness 10

To use the get item cheats press the [~] key, type giveitem, press the [Space Bar] key, type the code and press the [Enter] key.
Example: giveitem g_i_mask01

Cheat Codes

This amazing list was compiled with a lot of effort by Richard Eastwood.

Code Result:
invulnerability - God mode
heal - Heal selected member
turbo - Press W or S to move faster
adddarkside [number] - Gain dark side points
addlightside [number] - Gain light side points
addlevel [number] - Gain level
addexp [number] - Gain experience points
givecredits [number] - More credits
setconstitution [number] - Set consitution
setdexterity [number] - Set dexterity
setcharisma [number] - Set charisma
setintelligence [number] - Set intilligence
setstrength [number] - Set strength
setwisdom [number] - Set wisdom
setcomputeruse [number] - Set computer use
setdemolitions [number] - Set demolitions
setstealth [number] - Set stealth
setawareness [number] - Set awareness
setpersuade [number] - Set persuade
setrepair [number] - Set repair
setsecurity [number] - Set security
giveitem [number] - gives item(see below for item names)

[number] = 10 - 999


Below are items for use with giveitem cheat, to get it to work type giveitem leave a space type name of item ( i.e. g_i_mask01) leave another space and type number required (so should look like this giveitem g_i_mask01 1).

g_i_mask01 - Light-scan Visor
g_i_mask02 - Motion Detection Goggles
g_i_mask03 - Bothan Perception Visor
g_i_mask04 - Verpine Ocular Enhancer
g_i_mask05 - Bothan Sensory Visor
g_i_mask06 - Vacuum Mask
g_i_mask07 - Sonic Nullifiers
g_i_mask08 - Aural Amplifier
g_i_mask09 - Advanced Aural Amplifier
g_i_mask10 - Neural Band
g_i_mask11 - verpine Headband
g_i_mask12 - Breath Mask
g_i_mask13 - Teta's Royal Band
g_i_mask14 - Sith Mask
g_i_mask15 - Stabilizer Mask
g_i_mask16 - Interface Band
g_i_mask17 - Demolitions Sensor
g_i_mask18 - Combat Sensor
g_i_mask19 - Stealth Field Enhancer
g_i_mask20 - Stealth Field Reinforcement
g_i_mask21 - Interface Visor
g_i_mask22 - Circlet of Saresh
g_i_mask23 - Pistol Targeting Optics
g_i_mask24 - Heavy Targeting Optics
g1_i_mask01 - Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Mask
g1_i_mask02 - Medical Interface Visor
g1_i_mask03 - Advanced Agent Interface
kor38b_mask - Tulak Hord's Mask
geno_visor - GenoHaradan Visor

Implants Class 1
g_i_implant101 - Cardio Package
g_i_implant102 - Response Package
g_i_implant103 - Memory Package

Implants Class 2
g_i_implant201 - Biotech Package
g_i_implant202 - Retinal Combat Implant
g_i_implant203 - Nerve Enhancement Package
g_i_implant204 - The Party Selection Screen Available

Implants Class 3
g_i_implant301 - Bavakar Cardio Package
g_i_implant302 - Bavakar Reflex Enhancement Package
g_i_implant303 - Bavakar Memory Chip
g_i_implant304 - Bio-Antidote Package
g_i_implant305 - Cardio Power System
g_i_implant306 - Gordulan Reaction System
g_i_implant307 - Navaradon Regenerator
g_i_implant308 - Sith Regenerator
g_i_implant309 - Beemon Package
g_i_implant310 - Cyber Reaction System
g1_i_implant301 - Advanced Senseory Implant
g1_i_implant302 - Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Implant
g1_i_implant303 - Advanced Combat Implant
g1_i_implant304 - Advanced Alacrity

g_i_gauntlet01 - Strength Gauntlet
g_i_gauntlet02 - Eriadu Strength Gauntlets
g_i_gauntlet03 - Sith Power Gauntlets
g_i_gauntlet04 - Stabilizer Gauntlets
g_i_gauntlet05 - Bothan Machinist Gloves
g_i_gauntlet06 - Verpine Bond Gauntlets
g_i_gauntlet07 - Dominator Gauntlets
g_i_gauntlet08 - Karaken Gauntlets
g_i_gauntlet09 - Infilitrator Gloves
g1_i_gauntlet01 - Advanced Stabilizer Gloves
kor38a_gauntlet - Marko Ragnos' Gauntlets
geno_gloves - GenoHaradan Power Gloves
tar03_brejikglove - Brejik's Gloves

g_i_frarmbnds01 - Energy Shield
g_i_frarmbnds02 - Sith Energy Shield
g_i_frarmbnds03 - Arkanian Energy Shield
g_i_frarmbnds04 - Echani Shield
g_i_frarmbnds05 - Mandalorian Melee Shield
g_i_frarmbnds06 - Mandalorian Power Shield
g_i_frarmbnds07 - Echani Dueling Shield
g_i_frarmbnds08 - Yusanis' Dueling Shield
g_i_frarmbnds09 - Verpine Prototype Shield
tar03_brejikband - Brejik's Arm Band

g_i_belt001 - Cardio Regulator
g_i_belt002 - Verpine Cardio Regulator
g_i_belt003 - Adrenaline Amplifier
g_i_belt004 - Advanced Adrenaline Amplifier
g_i_belt005 - Nerve Amplifying Belt
g_i_belt006 - Sound Dampening Stealth Unit
g_i_belt007 - Advanced Stealth Unit
g_i_belt008 - Eriadu Stealth Unit
g_i_belt009 - Calrissian's Utility Belt
g_i_belt010 - Stealth Field Generator
g_i_belt011 - Adrenaline Stimulator
g_i_belt012 - CNS Strength Enhancer
g_i_belt013 - Electrical Capacitance Charge
g_i_belt014 - Thermal Shield Generator
g1_i_belt001 - Baragwin Stealth Unit
geno_stealth - GenoHaradan Stealth Unit
tar03_brejikbelt - Brejik's Belt

g_a_clothes01 - Clothing
g_a_clothes02 - Clothing Variant 2
g_a_clothes03 - Clothing Variant 3
g_a_clothes04 - Clothing Variant 4
g_a_clothes05 - Clothing Variant 5
g_a_clothes06 - Clothing Variant 6
g_a_clothes07 - Clothing Variant 1
g_a_clothes08 - Clothing Variant 7
g_a_clothes09 - Clothing Variant 8

Jedi Robes
g_a_jedirobe01 - Jedi Robe (Brown)
g_a_jedirobe02 - Dark Jedi Robe (Grey)
g_a_jedirobe03 - Jedi Robe (Red)
g_a_jedirobe04 - Jedi Robe (Blue)
g_a_jedirobe05 - Dark Jedi Robe (Blue)
g_a_jedirobe06 - Qel-Droma Robes

Jedi Knight Robes
g_a_kghtrobe01 - Jedi Knight Robe (Brown)
g_a_kghtrobe02 - Dark Jedi Knight Robe (Grey)
g_a_kghtrobe03 - Jedi Knight Robe (Red)
g_a_kghtrobe04 - Jedi Knight Robe (Blue)
g_a_kghtrobe05 - Dark Jedi Knight Robe (Blue)

Jedi Master Robes
g_a_mstrrobe01 - Jedi Master Robe #1 (Brown)
g_a_mstrrobe02 - Dark Jedi Master Robe (Black)
g_a_mstrrobe03 - Jedi Master Robe (Red)
g_a_mstrrobe04 - Jedi Master Robe (Blue)
g_a_mstrrobe05 - Dark Jedi Master Robe (Blue)
g_a_mstrrobe06 - Darth Revan's Robes (Dark side only)
g_a_mstrrobe07 - Star Forge Robes (Light Side Only)

Armor Class 4
g_a_class4001 - Combat Suit
g_a_class4002 - Zabrak Combat Suit
g_a_class4003 - Echani Light Armor
g_a_class4004 - Cinnagar Weave Armor
g_a_class4005 - Massassi Ceremonial Armor
g_a_class4006 - Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor
g_a_class4007 - Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor (Defense 7)
g_a_class4008 - Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor (Defense 7, Immunity: Mind-Affecting)
g_a_class4009 - Echani Fiber Armor
geno_armor - GenoHaradan Mesh Armor

Armor Class 5
g_a_class5001 - Heavy Combat Suit
g_a_class5002 - Bonadan Alloy Heavy Suit
g_a_class5003 - Zabrak Battle Armor
g_a_class5004 - Zabrak Field Armor
g_a_class5005 - Reinforced Fiber Armor
g_a_class5006 - Ulic Qel Droma's Mesh Suit
g_a_class5007 - Eriadu Prototype Armor (Defense 6)
g_a_class5008 - Eriadu Prototype Armor (Defense 9)
g_a_class5009 - Eriadu Prototype Armor (Defense 9, 30 sv Cold, Immunity: Mind-Affecting)
g_a_class5010 - Republic Mod Armor
g1_a_class5001 - Light Exoskeleton
g1_a_class5002 - Baragwin Shadow Armor

Armor Class 6
g_a_class6001 - Military Suit
g_a_class6002 - Echani Battle Armor
g_a_class6003 - Cinnagar War Suit
g_a_class6004 - Verpine Fiber Mesh
g_a_class6005 - Arkanian Bond Armor
g_a_class6006 - Exar Kun's Light Battle Suit
g_a_class6007 - Davik's War Suit (Defense
g_a_class6008 - Davik's War Suit (Defense 10)
g_a_class6009 - Davik's War Suit (Defense 10, 20 vs Cold/Fire, Immunity: Mind-Affecting)
g1_a_class6001 - Environmental Bastion Armor

Armor Class 7
g_a_class7001 - Light Battle Armor
g_a_class7002 - Bronzium Light Battle Armor
g_a_class7003 - Powered Light Battle Armor
g_a_class7004 - Krath Heavy Armor
g_a_class7005 - Krath Holy Battle Suit
g_a_class7006 - Jamoh Hogra's Battle Armor

Armor Class 8
g_a_class8001 - Battle Armor
g_a_class8002 - Powered Battle Armor
g_a_class8003 - Cinnagar Plate Armor
g_a_class8004 - Mandalorian Armor
g_a_class8005 - Calo Nord's Armor (Defense 9, 10 sv vs all)
g_a_class8006 - Calo Nord's Armor (Defense 12, 25 sv all,
Immunity: Critical hits)

g_a_class8007 - Calo Nord's Armor (Defense 12, 25 sv all,
Immunity: Critical hits & Mind Affecting)

g_a_class8008 - blank
g_a_class8009 - Verpine Zal Alloy Mesh
g1_a_class8001 - Heavy Exoskeleton

Armor Class 9
g_a_class9001 - Heavy Battle Armor
g_a_class9002 - Durasteel Heavy Armor
g_a_class9003 - Mandalorian Battle Armor
g_a_class9004 - Mandalorian Heavy Armor
g_a_class9005 - Jurgan Kalta's Power Suit
g_a_class9006 - Jurgan Kalta's Power Suit (Defense 13)
g_a_class9007 - Jurgan Kalta's Power Suit (Defense 13, 30 vs Cold/Fire, Immunity: Mind-affecting)
g_a_class9009 - Cassus Fett's Armor
g_a_class9010 - Mandalorian Assault Armor
g_a_class9011 - Cassus Fett's Amor (special)

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