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Star Wars: The Old Republic PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 02 January 2009
swtor_tor_the-old-republic.gifIt's not a rumor anymore! Bioware and Lucas Arts are creating a new MMO based on the Old Republic Universe. The game is going to be called "The Old Republic" or SWTOR or TOR. This massively multiplayer online video game is not like all other MMOs.The new game is going to be a story driven MMO. So it's like playing KotOR3 online with all your friends instead of alone. Bioware which developed KotOR1 is leading this project. KotOR1 was considered to be a superior game according to our online poll. It beat KotOR2 with over 51% of the votes. KotOR2 was developed by Obsidian Entertainment. As one of the oldest knights of the old republic fan communities, we've waited years for this game! We hope it will bring some life back into this great and now old series.

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Last Updated ( Friday, 02 January 2009 )
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The Old Republic MMO looks awesome and from all the trailers that I have seen and all the info I read about the game I know it will blow WOW out of the water. The only draw back for me is that it is for computer but I will wait till they get off their butts and make KOTOR 3 for the 360. If you go to you can see all the trailers that they have for this game and read about the factions, planets, characters and even more.

Posted by Darth Jester, on 10/06/2009 at 04:15

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