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KotOR III the MMO? PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Old Republic   
Saturday, 22 September 2007

KotOR MMO Online

Rumors have been circulating around all the major gaming sites and it looks like KotOR III may be a massively multilayer online game.  What do you think about an KotOR MMO? Is it an end to the KotOR RPG or a new beginning?

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Last Updated ( Friday, 02 November 2007 )
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NO WAY!! please tell me there is some way that we can influence the game designers to make sure they don't do this, i mean i am sure that MMO's are fun, but what about the casual gamer like myself? i just want to be able to switch on and play occasionally without having to pay again! perhaps if they put an online option, but made the main game as good as the original KOTOR, and with the cool extras of the sith lords.

Posted by Alistair Mills, on 10/28/2007 at 18:19

they canīt do that, they just canīt. kotor and kotor II were amazing. they canīt kill the saga like that!

Posted by Asmodeo, on 10/25/2007 at 03:31

Yeah, MMO's are nerdy and I'm not going to pay one fee and then a monthly fee to play a retarded game with poor plots and lack of original characters.

Posted by Logan, on 10/22/2007 at 04:42

Heck No!! this ruins the kotor legacy!! as much as I love kotor I would not play it as an MMO!!

Posted by dramaguy, on 10/22/2007 at 01:23


Posted by CaptainPhoton, on 09/26/2007 at 01:07

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