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Fan fiction from the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic video games Series, Star War: The Old Republic multiplayer online video game, and the entire Star Wars movies and expanded universe.
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Part 7- Great Sith War PDF Print E-mail
Written by Telravin   
Saturday, 18 November 2006

            Roughly 600 years after the Great Hyperspace War, a Jedi named Ulic Qel-Droma was to Onderon to arbitrate on conflict. While there, he met the spirit of fallen Jedi, Freedon Nadd. Nadd prophesied that Qel-Droma would become a Sith Lord. Nadd’s prophesy was fulfilled when a secret Dark Side society injected him with Dark Side poison, which pushed him over to the Dark Side.

            Meanwhile, Exar Kun, a padawan under Master Baas, briefly viewed his master’s holocron which contained knowledge of the Dark Side. Kun believed he could learn Sith secrets without falling from the light. Against his master’s wishes, Exar abandoned his master. He traveled to Dxun where he met the spirit of Freedon Nadd. He then went to Korriban where Nadd set up a trap to cause Exar Kun to fall to the Dark Side. Kun refused to fall and used his anger to set him free of the trap. Kun then traveled to Yavin IV where he was captured by the Massassi. Exar Kun finally embraced the Dark Side in order to free himself.

            Ulic and Exar confronted each other on Cinnagar, where Marka Ragnos declared Kun to be the Lord of the Sith, and Qel-Droma became his apprentice. Ulic led an attack on Coruscant, but was captured. Exar Kun, who developed the double-bladed lightsaber, headed a rescue mission in which he killed Master Baas. Many battles were faught, one of which caused the Mandalorian to retreat on Dxun.

            Ulic’s brother, Cay Qel-Droma, tried to bring Ulic back to the light, but Ulic murdered him instead. Ulic was cut off from the force, and surrendered to the Republic. He led the Republic to Yavin IV, in search of Exar Kun. As a final act of desperation, Exar Kun sapped the power from the Massassi , separating his spirit from his body, and killing nearly all of the Massassi. Kun’s spirit was boumd to his temple.

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