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Part 4- Twelve Kingdoms Era PDF Print E-mail
Written by Telravin   
Thursday, 26 October 2006

            A major era in Republic history is the Twelve Kingdoms Era. This era lasts about 4,000 years. This period started when the Pella Compact colonists broke into twelve primary houses which ruled their own colonies without interference.

A major event in this era was when a female Jedi known as Halbret formed a militia of Jedi Knights in order to defeat a powerful Dark Jedi who enslaved the Kathol species. Also, the Lost City of the Jedi is constructed underground on Yavin IV. It was a Jedi strong hold used for scientific research. It had the ability to change a planet’s climate. Droids took over the care-taking of the city. It was soon forgotten afterwards.

The most important event of this era was the invention of the lightsaber. The first lightsabers were unstable and inefficient. The power was generated from a belt-mounted power supply. This weapon was flawed, and only used ceremonially.

Another event is the Republic settled an outpost on Malastare’s eastern continent. Gran colonists begin to displace the native Dug species. This causes a bloody war between the colonists and the Dug.

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