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Part 3- Indecta Era PDF Print E-mail
Written by Telravin   
Thursday, 26 October 2006

During this time period, known as the Indecta Era, many planets are still joining the Republic. This is the period when assassin droids were first introduced. A few civil wars break out across the galaxy, but not any major galatic wars. Two interesting and important events happen during this time.

One important event is that the Hutts claim a new planet as theirs. According to Huttese legend, there were two suns which orbited around their home planet of Varl. A black hole consumed one star, and in anger, the other star released it gaseous layers which destroyed Varl’s atmosphere. About 11,000 years before Revan, Hutts start to trade technology to the Evocii for land on Evocar. Soon the Evocii realize that the Hutts are trying to take over the planet, but it is too late. The Hutts oust the Evocii and change the name of Evocar to Nal Hutta.

The second interesting event is that the Neimoidian species are officially broken off from the Duros species. Neimoidians evolved differently than the Duros because of the difference between the planets of Duro and Neimoidia. The differences are that the sun is dimmer, the gravity is heavier, and there is humidity on Neimoidia. They still had many similarities to the Duros except a few features. One such feature was that their skin was greyer.

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 01 November 2006 )
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