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Part 2- Expansionist Era PDF Print E-mail
Written by Telravin   
Sunday, 22 October 2006

About 25,000 years before the Galactic Empire, two notable groups arose: Jedi and the Republic. Separate events formed each group, but the Jedi soon became protectors of the Republic. This time is known as the Expansionist Era.       

Toward the end of the Infinite Empire, the Core Worlds fought against each other in a series of conflicts known as the Unification Wars. This led to a constitution being signed and gave birth to the Republic. The Republic encouraged hyper space travel, and mapped new trade routes. This caused many planets to join the Republic. One such route linked Coruscant to Ossus, and caused the Jedi Knights to join the Republic.

The Jedi Order began on Tython at the time of the formation of the Republic. Priests, warriors, philosophers, and other intelligent individuals came to Tython to discuss their research on the Force. Many chose to follow Ashla, the light side of the Force. Some chose to follow the dark side of the Force, known as Bogan. This soon caused the Great Schism, in which the Dark Jedi fell. Around this time, Jedi Knights went out to defend the Galaxy and the Empire.

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