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Part 0- Pre-Infinite Empire Era PDF Print E-mail
Written by Telravin   
Sunday, 22 October 2006
Over 50,000 years before the rise of the Infinite Empire, many sentient species traveled throughout the galaxy. One of the oldest of these were the Columi. Natives of Columus, Columi were technologically advanced creatures which developed interstellar space craft and used cloning as means for reproduction. They explored the galaxy for other civilizations, but the high gravity of other planets was too harsh for them.   One of the planets explored by the Columi was Duro. Duro was home to the Duros species. The Duros were an adventurous species that were pilots as well as explorers. The Duros are believed to be the first to develop the true hyper drive. The hyperspace trade routes that they charted were still in use thousands of years later. Duros could be found scattered across the galaxy. Duros were known to have charted the Core Worlds including Coruscant.Coruscant was controlled by the Zhell and the Taung. The Zhell were the indigenous people of Coruscant. They formed the Battalion of Zhell, which consisted of thirteen nations. After centuries of waging war against the Taungs, the Zhell finally drove the Taungs off of Coruscant. The Taungs, a wayfaring near human species, fled to Roon where they lived for millennia. They were united under Mandalore the First, and they soon called themselves the Mandalorians. Soon true Mandalorians became extinct and other species began to adhere to their tenets and took up their name.Humans, believed to be descendents of the Zhell, are one of the most numerous species in the galaxy.  Their language, Galactic Basic, is used by many species across the galaxy. Little is known of their true home world, but many believe it to be Coruscant. Being technologically advanced, Humans managed to colonize a few Core Worlds before the invention of the hyper drive.A humanoid species known as the Sith were from Korriban. The Sith had strict rituals, a caste system, and were always at war with each other. They also relied on the dark side of the force. The looked similar to humans, but they had red skin and tentacle beards.During the time of the Infinite Empire, many of these species were put into slavery by the Rakata. They were spread across the galaxy and some were forced to construct the Star Forge. Many of these species would later revolt and defeat their captors. Some species, such as the Sith, would later use Rakatan technology to their advantage. 


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Last Updated ( Saturday, 18 November 2006 )
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