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RPG- Update 2: The Business and Crafting System PDF Print E-mail
Written by Spencer Summers   
Thursday, 03 August 2006
A whole new crafting and business section has been added to the RPG. To find out what we've added just read below:

2.1- Galactic Stock Exchange: An actual stock market the shows the prices of raw materials. People can also buy and sell items in the market. The prices change every week due to politics, supply and demand.

2.2- Crafting: We have a new crafting system where the Czerka Businessman class can make items for other players and sell them at what price they want.

2.3- News: We have a news thread which can tell players what's going on in the galaxy, and whether or not it's a good time to buy or sell stock.

2.4- Wear House: Players store their resources and/or items in this droid opperated facility. It is very similar to an inventory.

For more information on this new update please read the posts in the Character Registration thread in the RPG section of the forums.

Look much, much more cool stuff being added to the site in the months to come.

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Last Updated ( Friday, 02 November 2007 )
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