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RPG- Update 1: The Credit System PDF Print E-mail
Written by Spencer Summers   
Tuesday, 01 August 2006
An update has been added to the RPG that allows players to pay with currency that is actually reccorded. To earn credits, players will have to complete missions, farm, mine, or sell crafted items or raw materials. This has never been done before in a forum RPG. Here are some of the updates we have done using the Credit System:

1.1- Stores

Players can spend there money on items in the Czerka Store. Players can buy light sabers, armor, blasters, vibro blades, swoops, droids and much more!

1.2- Fleets

If a player has reached a high enough rank and gains permission from a mod, they will be able to have their own fleets. Players can spend money on new ships and weapons for these fleets in the Czerka Ship Drives.

1.3- Farming

Players can buy farming estates on Dantooine. These pieces of land are thousands of acers and can be used to farm on. Players will now earn 100 credits each day with these farms. Although a farm is a high price (2500 credits) in the long term you ill gain more money, as you will have a steady income.

1.4- Mining

Players will soon be able to mine ore and store it in their own private wear houses. They will then be able to sell it to crafters or can automaticly sell it to the bank.

All this and more coming soon!

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