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Part 1- Pre-Republic Era. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Spencer Summers   
Wednesday, 26 July 2006
The Galactic Republic was formed around 25,000 B.B.Y. Most historians say that it was the first galaxy spanning cimmunity the galaxy had seen. However, long before the first Duros scouts set off to explore, other speceis ruled the galaxy. The earliest known speceis were the Columi, the Killiks and the Rakata. Some of thses early races grew amazingly powerful, and are thought to be responsible for the maw black hole cluster, or center point station in the Corellian System.

The Rakata are known to have interfered in certain panets' ecological developments; for example: Tatooine, before it was made into a smouldering desert, was a lush jungle world. Also, the trees upon Kashyyk were brought there by the Rakata. It is unknown why these speceis altered these planets.

The first known speceis to seize power, throughout the galaxy, on a large scale were the Rakata. They created an empire, called the Infinite Empire, many thousands of years before the creation of the Republic. These creatures had very advanced technology, which allowed them to seize power over lesser races, or the "slaves."

The Rakata (seen left) used their slaves to build massive technological constructs, items of great power; examples of these include the Star Forge and the Rakata Temple. As one historian describes, " The Star Forge was the pride of the Rakatan Infinite Empire, an enormous space station and factory that turned the raw plasma of Rakata Prime's sun into an armada of ships. Fueled by their aggression and conquest, the Star Forge was molded into an artifact of the dark side, and in turn corrupted the Rakatan people further. When the Infinite Empire collapsed, the Star Forge was abandoned, its secrets locked within the Temple of the Ancients. In worlds across the galaxy, Rakatan temples held their Star Maps, built as testaments to the power of the Infinite Empire."
The Rakata used all lesser seceis as slaves; examples of these include the Humans, the Duros, the Selkath and the Dantri. In around the year 25,200 B.B.Y. there was a massive slave revolt througout the emprie, as wella plague killing only Rakata. This was the beginning of the end for the Rakatan glory days. The final blow to the empire was a civil war in the home world of Rakata Prime.

(The construction of the Star Forge)

A major discovery was made at around the same time, on the planet of Tython; the usage of what a group of mystics on the planet called Ashla, and what would one day be known as the force. THis was not the first discovery of the force, the Rakatan empire had used the Dark Side to empower themselves, but it was the first discovery by lesser reaces, and the mystic group would one day from the Jedi Order. The mystic group split into two factions: one wanted to use the force to protect others, and one wanted to use the force to empower themselves (they called themselves the followers of Bogan). This began the first force war, which ended with the followers of light winning and establishing the Jedi Order.

In 25,130 BBY in the Outer Rim Territories, the warlord Xim came to power in the Tion Cluster. He unified its governments into a highly expansionist empire and set about conquering its neighbors. As he reached the Si'Klaata Cluster, this brought him into conflict with the Hutts, whom he fought to a standstill at the First and Second Battles of Vontor. The Hutts signed the Treaty of Vontor with the native species of the Si'Klaata Cluster, recruiting them to fight Xim. When they fought again at the Third Battle of Vontor, Xim was finally defeated and captured.

The species of the galaxy were ready to unite. The hyperdrive had been perfected and the Core Worlds were freely accessible. The Unification Wars were the last major conflict before this could happen, and in their wake, the Galactic Republic was created with the signing of the Galactic Constitution.


(Hyperspace invented.)

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 26 July 2006 )
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