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HK-47 on dealing with bullies PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Old Republic   
Tuesday, 04 July 2006

Revan: HK-47 a little boy in a school yard far far away has a bully problem. What do you suggest?


Hk-47: Explanation: the miniature organic is simply looking for trouble and needs to be blasted. That may be wishful thinking on my part, master.


Revan: I agree with your statement to a point. Most bullies are just cowards, if the little boy stands up to him, then the bully will leave him alone. If the little boy needs a weapons, his best weapon is not a blaster but an angry overprotective mother. Not even a sith can face one and live! 


Hk-47:  "As you command Master, but i would be very swift and violent in dealing with the little Meatbag..."

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